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5 Common Mistakes When Ordering Uniforms

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Ordering a uniform for your employees can be a nightmare for some businesses. This should not be the case for you, especially if you are working with Fast Promos. We are sharing the 5 common mistakes when ordering uniforms and workwear so you can stay away from those.

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  1. Too many people involved in the decision making

When choosing your uniforms, having too many people involved in decision-making makes the process longer. It also causes interruption and disagreement. You can keep it low-key and only include your key people who accept and look forward to the idea. However, getting some feedback from your employees can be a good idea but just leave the final decisions up to a select few.

  1. Ordering uniforms from unknown online sellers

In many instances, buying uniforms from unknown online websites does not often turn out well. It’s essential to know where your uniforms will come from and who you can contact; just in case something happens. You should be careful if online stores only give you an email address or mobile number. You need to consider why they don’t have a physical address before finalising your decision and ordering from them. 

These type of vendors can sometimes supply lower quality garments with less than perfect finishing. But this is not always the case. It can be hit and miss. They may also provide incorrect branding leaving you with little recourse. On rare occasions, there are stories of items not arriving at all. You just need to be open-minded and go in with your eyes wide open. We recommend that you go for a trusted supplier to avoid wasting your time and money. Furthermore, check out their 5 Star Google reviews from real customers as another measure of their past performance.

  1. Approving quotations without reviewing them carefully

Some people fail to check one of the important elements when ordering uniforms. That is, reviewing the quotations provided by your supplier. When you fail to do this you might end up receiving items with incorrect branding or wrong items all together. Providers give exactly what is approved on the quote. So, if there is a small error or miscommunication, the item you may get may not match what you want to have. Just be super thorough in the lead up to placing an order.

Having an eye for detail is really essential especially if your apparel items are being branded. Do keep in mind that it’s not possible to return items that have been embroidered or printed as the garments cannot be re-sold.

Uniforms are a financial investment. So, they should represent your brand in the best possible way. Once again, do remember the importance of checking the quotation and specifications carefully to make sure you get exactly what you’ve asked for. 

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  1. Choosing the cheapest option available when ordering uniforms can be a risky move

People love to get a great deal at an affordable price. There are numerous things to consider before selecting the cheapest uniform supplier you can find. 

Choosing the cheapest alternative may give you headaches because of a range of different factors. This includes hidden setup fees or freight costs, long lead times, receiving wrong or poor quality items, or not receiving any items at all. The time old adage, “you get what you pay for” really resonates in this custom apparel industry.

Cheap apparel is very affordable but be mindful that it may be inferior fabric or materials. We’re not suggesting the value of your brand will be affected if your uniforms are poorly made, or are made of low-quality materials. There is a real cost though in double-handling since you have to replace such items. This can cost time, money and effort.

Looking for the best offer when it comes to ordering uniforms depends on service, convenience, lead times, garment quality, and the provider’s ability to meet your requests and standards.

  1. Provide high resolution artwork or logos for branding your uniforms

If you are adding artwork or your company logo on your garments, make sure it is in the proper format. It should be EPS or AI vector format. Even jpg files are okay to use as long as they are high resolution. Logos or artwork given in other formats may not be suitable for branding reproduction. The quality might not be good enough and you may end up getting a poor quality decoration on your uniforms. This is a very important element when ordering your branded uniforms.

To Sum Up When Ordering Uniforms

We have shared with you the five common errors when ordering uniforms. Make sure you take note of these and take the necessary preventative steps. We want that your uniform order will be a success. Moreover, if you need help with your order don’t hesitate to contact Fast Clothing.