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Differences Between Uniform Garments and Retail Garments

Are Uniform Garments and Retail Garments different?

We always hear the question, “Is there a difference between retail and uniform garments?” And the answer is yes. Today, we will highlight for you the key differentiators of these two kinds of garments.

Before, we thought that whether we call it a uniform or not, clothes are the same right? But, that’s not the case all the time. There can be differences between the clothes you buy from a retail shop and a uniform supplier.

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Here are some differences between uniform garments and retail clothing:

Not all garments are created the same

There is a faster turnaround in the retail world. Our favourite shops normally release new styles every few weeks. This may seem great but it entails a cost. However, the quality of many styles of retail clothes seems to be declining. This is because they have to keep up with the latest trends and be price competitive. Therefore, the end product is affected usually being manufactured in the cheapest economy, wherever that may be. Garments made specifically for workwear and uniforms have not experienced this. Their operation is not based on the latest trends.

Uniforms are created for long-term use. When making these garments it is well understood that they will be washed and worn frequently. Most of us are wearing our uniforms five days a week. That means they must be made for longer use and be super durable. 

Ongoing style availability for uniform garments

It is frustrating to create the best workwear uniforms for your business and you find out they are no longer available. This can be the case if you purchased your uniform garments in retail shops. This problem is often encountered when buying for yourself and even for a group. 

When you buy from uniform manufacturers, this won’t be the case. Uniforms are made for this purpose. Years after you still have access to most of the styles. Especially if you select really popular styles, there chance of these being discontinued is extremely low.

Larger size ranges

Uniforms are created for people of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they need garment sizes that are not available in retail shops. Uniforms give you access to a wider range of sizes. Making it easier for you and your team.

Large color options

When you buy garments from retail shops there colour choices are limited and based on what’s popular. This will be a problem if you would require a colour to match your branding that is not usual or trending now. So, it’s still best to purchase from uniform suppliers. They offer basic products available in various colours, yet still of high quality. You’ll have access to your company’s colours all-year-round.

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Uniform garments have no branding so you can add your own

If you want to promote your brand’s name or logo, uniform garments are the best option. They come without branding so you can customise it and add your logo in just about any position. Garments made specifically for uniforms are created so they can be branded.

Uniform garments are made out of fabrics suitable for digital transfers, screen printing, or embroidery. Not surprisingly, retail garments are not made for that branding purpose. It may cause issues when you try to add your logo on such garments. They may not be made out of fabrics that are perfect for screen printing, digital transfers, or embroidery. 

Uniform garments are more affordable

Retail garments are costly because of their huge marketing budgets and branding while uniform garments are much more affordable. Uniforms are normally sold in bulk, with a product design life cycle that stretches out to a longer period. The manufacturing set up and investment costs can be much lower on a per-unit basis.

Reason Why Retail Garments Will Work For Your Needs:

So far we have discussed the positive points of using uniform garments. But, let us point out some advantages of using retail garments.

Retail garments are the perfect option for your brand if:

  • You will not be reordering the garments
  • You got them at a very cheap price
  • They have all the sizes you need
  • You have checked or are prepared for the risk of having branding on such garments.

Then you can go for retail garments if that’s what you prefer.

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