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Corporate Workwear: A Changing Look

Corporate Workwear: A Changing Look

Corporate workwear is a category of fashion that continuously changes and evolves. The changes in corporate workwear trends and standards for the past 20 years have made a mark. 

Fast Clothing is known for being a leader in the uniform game. We make sure that we know everything when it comes to corporate uniforms. Now, let us share with you three major ways that show the changes in corporate workwear these past years.

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3 Ways Corporate Workwear Has Evolved

Casual Corporate Workwear

The corporate workwear revolution started in the 1980s. Before, corporate uniforms were known to be the epitome of formality. Men often wore a suit and a tie in their company’s colours. While women, on the other hand, wore smart dresses that they usually pair with blazers, neck scarves, jewelry, stockings, and court shoes. Before corporate uniforms were polished and highly professional.

However in the 1980s and 1990s, casual wear began to be a part of corporate uniforms. So, tie-less uniforms and polo-shirts became a thing for men. While women started wearing skirts and trousers aside from formal dresses. But, the casual look really took off in the new millennium when casual comfort is prioritised in uniforms. When this trend happened, the aesthetics and look of the corporate world felt less intimidating and more accessible.

Nowadays, chinos are more common for corporate uniforms compared to suit trousers. In this casual corporate workwear trend, various fabrics like cotton and linen are gaining more popularity. Many corporate uniforms now even include a corporate baseball cap! Here at Fast Clothing, we have accepted that corporate uniforms have a casual look. We have a wide collection of corporate workwear to suit every company and dress-code they have.

Unisex Clothing

Traditionally, there are distinct corporate uniforms for men and women. Employees both male and female have different sets and styles of uniforms. However, it became apparent that gendered corporate workwear was not a practical choice for a lot of companies and businesses.

Now, most uniforms are unisex. Shirts and trousers are tailored and designed to suit both men and women. Making sure that it is flattering and unified. Fast Clothing provides options whether it is unisex or gendered, there is something for everyone!


Before corporate uniforms were mainly about blending in with the crowd. However, time has changed and it’s now about standing out. Corporate uniforms are still a significant way to create a collective image and unify a brand, but now there is also the importance of being distinct. Nowadays, corporate workwear is an important and effective marketing and advertising tool. That’s why having memorable and distinctive workwear is a great idea for businesses. Fast Clothing are professionals when it comes to distinctive corporate workwear! We will help you in creating a corporate uniform that will be recognised by both your clients and competitors.

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As Corporate Uniform Evolves, So Do We!

Fast Clothing is a modern corporate workwear provider. That’s why we are adaptable and flexible. We take note of the latest trend and studies about all things related to corporate uniforms.  This should give you confidence that we know what works. As the face of corporate workwear continuous to evolve, we will evolve with it. We keep the best from the corporate workwear history. But, we embrace the new, and look forward to the future of uniforms as well. We want you to be part of this adventure. Contact us if you want more details about our products and services.