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Promotional TShirts: 5 Tips for Success

Promotional TShirts: 5 Tips for Success

Promotional T-Shirts

When done right Promotional T-shirts can be an extremely successful method of advertising. They are perfect as giveaways to potential clients, or you can ask your employees to wear them. But, this will only be a success if your recipients keep and wear them. When people wear your promotional shirts, it will give you more brand awareness.

We are sharing with you our top 5 tips to make sure that your promotional t-shirts will be a success. 

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  1. Wearability is more important than fashion and cost

Your promotional tee-shirts will be successful if they are comfortable enough to wear. Make sure your recipients find your shirts useful. You should not only focus on what is trendy or cheap. Think about where and when you want your recipients to wear the shirts, this may help you decide on the material or style of the t-shirts.  

  1. Be inspired by the latest retail trends

You should check and know the latest retail trends. Your promotional t-shirts will be a success when you take note of what the consumers like and purchase. The basic crew neck is a popular choice because of its relaxed fit designs. 

  1. Consider giving outfits, not just t-shirts

Aside from giving promotional tees, try giving your recipients bundled items with a baseball cap or jacket. That way, you are giving them the choice to wear each item separately or as a whole. Remember that this depends on who you are giving these garments out too, as it can be very expensive. If it’s part of a uniform it is worth the investment. But, if it’s just a give away at an event it might blow your budget quickly. 

  1. Choose the Right Branding for your Promotional T-shirts 

Whatever style of t-shirt you are using, you must use a branding method that is durable and suitable. Branding won’t turn out how you hoped if you don’t get this right. Or, it may not last after several times of wearing and washing. Make sure you choose a supplier who uses a decoration method that will last many washes such as supacolour or embroidery. Also, remember that logos or promotional designs with a lot of detail will not necessarily suit embroidery. We can do a sample embroider on a piece of fabric as a test before going to mass production.

  1. Take note that men and women have switched styles

Men used to wear styles that are be baggy and women wore styles that are fitted/tight. However, as time passes men and women have switched styles. Nowadays, men prefer a tighter fit while women prefer a more comfortable or relaxed fit. Try to include a mix of styles for your Promotional T-shirts if possible.

To Sum Up Promotional T-shirts

Before you begin the process of ordering Promotional shirts, you must know your target market and the purpose. Make sure you are prepared and give yourself plenty of time to get them produced without having to rush!  

Take note of the following tips to make sure that your next order for promotional tees will be a success. The success of your marketing efforts is important for making sure that your brand is visible to the public. 

If you need help in making your promotional t-shirts, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a professional. At Fast Clothing, we make sure that what you need for your promotions will be done right.