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Corporate Polo Shirts: Reasons why they are the “go to” Uniform Top

Do you find the classic polo shirt plain or a fashion staple item? At Fast Clothing, we believe that styling is important. Corporate Polo shirts are commonly used as a uniform piece but are also known as a timeless fashion piece in social scenes and as sportswear

The polo shirt’s story is quite impressive. It was discovered because there was a need for a practical shirt to be worn when playing polo. During the 1800s, players of this elitist sport always wear long-sleeve button-up shirts. But, because of the weather and minimal movements available they need shorter sleeves. So, they cut them off and added buttons to keep the collars from getting blown away by the wind. 

Since polo shirts are fashionable off-duty, then they can be as stylish at work. Polo shirts are similar to designer ones, the only difference is that it has your brand’s corporate branding colours or logo. 

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Reasons to include Corporate Polo Shirts in your wardrobe:

The classic polo shirt is continuously making a comeback in the world of fashion since 1972 by Ralph Lauren. It still is considered the “go-to” shirt for both play and work. Now, modern style polo shirts are available in many styles from popular brands, and are available in many colours. These corporate polo shirts remind us of the upper-class or preppy fashion style. Our corporate polo shirts are available in bolder colours and modern fits. We also allow you to make your perfect colour contrast combinations to feature your brand. We have luxurious finished mercerised cotton or traditional pique cotton. 

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Women’s Polo Shirt Styles Have Evolved

Before, corporate polo shirts are not always fashionable for women. Often it is seen as sporty wear for women. But, as fashion evolves through time it has been reinvented to add much-needed flair and femininity. Traditionally, polo shirts are partnered with a pair of jeans. Now, you can also pair your pretty colour polo shirt with a pencil skirt or a bold polo shirt with a pleated mini skirt. You can also mix and match it with a pair of slim fit chino pants. As you can see women’s branded polo shirts can be simple yet elegant. All of our polos are available in sizes fit for both men and women.

Comfort Creates Productivity  

Uniform drives productivity in any workplace. It maintains professional dressing principles and gives more useful feedback from clients and lifting staff’s confidence. It is so simple and much easier to get ready for work every morning. Work-wear also creates a sense of belonging and equality by wearing a similar style, representing your brand’s business. Fast Clothing also offers an extended range of corporate polo shirts. There are tons of styles available, making it easier to find the right one for your organisation.

Reasonably Priced

In Australia, corporate polo shirts are very cost-effective. They are priced reasonably, even in our customised packages. If your company work-wear budget is not as generous as you want it to be, having a fashionable polo is a great way to have your branding in your work style. If you are planning to have a wardrobe upgrade, a corporate polo shirt is a great way to inject a social workplace style into your branded look. Additionally you can include a cool looking customised flex cap for when hosting events etc. outdoors.

If you need help in creating your corporate polo shirts, don’t hesitate to contact Fast Clothing.