Branded Clothing 101: Tips and Tricks

When considering branded clothing for your business or event, you may think it’s overwhelming or even confusing. This is mostly because of all the available choices and possibilities. You may even be unsure what to get and/or what would be the best for both your staff and customers. Have you thought of giving up and just go with whatever you have done in the past because it’s simpler? Fast Clothing is here to help you. The branded clothing tips and tricks that we will share in this blog will really help you in your decision-making. Making sure that you maximise the benefits from your marketing budget. And, at the same time develop and grow your brand’s awareness.

Branded Clothing Tips and Tricks blog

Material for your Branded Clothing

There are many different materials you can choose from for your branded clothing. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, here are some tips and tricks for materials that we have for branding:

  • Cotton – This timeless classic has been used to create clothes for over 7,000 years.
  • Organic Cotton – A type of cotton that does not use any toxins and synthetic fertilizers.
  • Pima Cotton – Compared to regular cotton it’s stronger and more durable.
  • Ring-Spun Cotton – Compared to regular cotton this type of material is more expensive and durable.
  • Polyester – Its fibres and fabric are very strong. This material is a synthetic resin. 
  • Canvas – Historically speaking this was made from hemp. Now, this kind is made of linen or cotton. 
  • Denim – It is popular all over the world because of its durability, ease, and fit. 
  • Flannel – It’s usually made of wool or cotton and is known for its softness. 
  • Fleece – Fleece is very soft and warm. It has the same qualities as wool but it’s lightweight.
  • Jersey – The properties of this material are perfect for making stylish tops, comfy leggings, dresses, and so much more.
  • Knit – This type of material creates wonderful clothing that is easy to make, comfortable, and travel-friendly. 
  • Pique – This kind resembles various patterns because of the embossed appearance it gives.
  • Moisture-wicking – This fabric pulls moisture from the body to the exterior of the shirt where it can easily evaporate.

Branding Clothing Tips & Tricks – Decoration

There are many ways to add your brand’s logo or image to the clothing you select. As part of our branded clothing tips and tricks, here is a brief description of our most popular methods:

  • Screen Printing: This is a printing method wherein inks are squeezed through screens that allow colours to pass through open areas. This is what creates the intended design. If you have a design that is multi-color it is achieved by using one screen for each color. Advantages: High-volume; Fast turnaround time; Award-winning quality.
  • Digital Printing – Is a four-colour printing method that directly prints from the computer files onto the apparel. This is very effective when you want to reproduce photos realistically. You can also use this for graphic images with a variety of colours. Advantages: Perfect for high detail designs with many colours.
  • Digital Full Colour Heat Transfer – This is the method of printing where it uses high temperature to transfer the design. Heat transfers use an outline; it’s perfect if the outline has the same colour as the fabric. Advantages: Best for small runs, lightweight fabrics, and multi-colour logos or images.
  • Dye Sublimation – This transfer process uses dyes instead of inks. It transfers the design onto a substrate using a combination of pressure and heat. The dyes are vaporised and absorbed by polyester fibres. Advantages: Perfect for complex images and logos because of its unlimited colour combinations.
  • Embroidery – This process digitises and runs the logo on embroidery machines and are applied to the apparel by stitching. Advantages: Makes your logo stand-out and is eye-catching.
Branded Clothing Tips and Tricks embroidery

Locations for Decoration on Branded Clothing

 Here are some of the most popular locations to imprint embroidery:

  • Left or right chest – a smaller or more subtle print
  • Left or right sleeve – used for extra branding or a more retail look
  • Centre back – usually a larger print
  • Back collar

Branded Clothing Tips and Tricks – Things to Remember

There are many things to consider when embarking on creating your branded clothing. For example:

  • Design/Logo – this may determine what decoration method you use. Simple designs could use most methods. More complicated designs may only be suitable for printing.
  • Budget – more durable decoration methods such as embroidery may not be as cost effective as a digital print.
  • Quantity – small runs are more suited to embroidery or digital print as there are minimum orders for screen printing.
  • Size – embroidery can become expensive for a large design, so screen printing is a better choice in this case

We know that there are a lot of options available for you, and we want to make this as simple as possible for you. So, let our professionals help you through the process and you will feel like you are an expert in no time. Fast Clothing will achieve the branded clothing you want for your business. Making sure you get a sweet-looking yet cool apparel range to promote your brand. Why not top it all off with a trendy and stylish custom Flat Peak Cap. We can completely deck out your employees with their full uniforms.