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5 Things to Consider When Making Uniforms for a Large Group

Creating Uniforms for a Large Group

Dressing a group of people in uniforms can seem like a hard task to pull-off. Sometimes, there are too many opinions and ideas that make it hard to supervise. We have put together a list of 5 things you can consider when creating uniforms for a large group. You’ll be successful in doing this task when you apply everything we share with you.

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Top 5 Considerations for designing Uniforms for a Large Group

  1. Size range

When dealing with a large group of people it means that the size ranges will also be varied a great deal. This must be taken note of when choosing uniforms for your company. The best thing about uniform manufacturers is they create clothes in the same style for various sizes and shapes. But, you have to make sure that the style you choose has a broad range of sizes. 

If you are planning on using the same uniform permanently rather than just for an event, you should consider having a large range of sizes. Your current employees may not require a large range of sizes, but you must consider future employees.

  1. Uniforms for a large group need good availability of garmets

It’s quite annoying to find out that the uniform you invested in is no longer available months later. This shouldn’t be the case for you. All you need to do is check the ongoing availability of your chosen style before buying the garments. Compared to retail brands, uniform manufacturers produce styles that are intended for long-term use. Sometimes these manufacturers create seasonal collections and unpopular items have the risk of discontinuation. So, it is essential to check with your supplier if your chosen apparel will be available in the future. Especially, when ordering uniforms for a large group.

  1. Garment suitability

If you are ordering uniforms for a large group, you need to consider the different roles each person has in the company. You need to know that the same style of clothing will not work for everybody. Aside from considering the sizes and availability of the garments, you should also consider its compatibility for each role and department. Additionally, you may want to consider different uniforms for different departments. You may even want to go one step further and include accessories such as bags with your company branding.

  1. Reordering uniforms for a large group needs a process

If your company has multiple branches, locations or offices, create an order form with the exact styles and sizes available. That way they can place orders directly with your supplier. You need to develop a defined reordering process to make sure orders are placed properly and there are no style or colour variations. This is very crucial for large businesses since reordering uniforms for a large group is required regularly. 

This is the same as the company with multiple departments that need different uniforms. When you have a defined reordering process it helps you outline the needs of each person and role. This helps you in making sure that everyone gets the right garments.

  1. Can your supplier offer special packing or shipping requests?

Ask your supplier if they can cater to special requests, like individual packing or multi-site distribution. You can ask them these details before finalising your order. When you know these details you are saving your time and money because you can go for a better supplier. A good supplier will be able to send particular garments and sizes to your required locations. This can be a very time consuming part of ordering uniforms for a large group.

To Sum Up Ordering Uniforms for a Large Group

Making uniforms for a large group of people can be a very tedious task. But, when you apply everything that we have shared with you, the process will be much easier.

If you need help in dressing your whole team and company, don’t hesitate to contact Fast Clothing. Our Customer Happiness Team are always happy to assist you with your queries and request.