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Combine Safety and Brand Advertising with Promotional Hi-Vis Jackets

Promotional Hi-Vis Jackets Combine Safety and Marketing

Hi-Vis clothing is everywhere nowadays given the high importance on safety. It is such popular apparel, no matter whether you visit construction sites frequently, or own a trade business. Hi-Vis clothing primarily and most importantly ensures your employee’s safety. At the same time, these garments make your brand stand out from the crowd. With that said, these promotional hi-vis jackets are a perfect addition to your marketing campaign. All the while, they will surely keep safety front and centre.

Now, we will show you the benefits of having promotional hi-vis jackets.

Promotional Hi-Vis Jackets

Benefits of Promotional Hi-Vis Jackets:

  • Visibility in All Conditions

Hi-Vis promotional clothing gives higher visibility to your workers while on site. Workers exposed in a dusty or low light environment need to wear such protective clothes. The ultimate goal being to make them stand out in just about any weather conditions.

Similarly, you don’t want your employees to blend in by wearing dark clothes. For example, workers near busy roads are more visible when they wear hi-vis. So, hi-vis clothes are required to ensure the safety of your employees in particular when they are on busy roads.

  • Protection from the Elements

Jackets are the best option to keep your employees safe and warm while working. Most companies who only use basic hi-vis clothing struggle when exposed to different elements. Worry no more! Promotional hi-vis jackets keep your staff protected from the sun, rain, and cold weather. They are available in various fabrics such as cotton, fleece, etc. In addition, many of them even have a warm lining for that extra protection. No matter what the condition is you’ll always be sure that your employees are dry and comfortable. 

  • Promotional Hi-Vis Jackets Meet Safety Standards

Several safety standards must be followed when it comes to fluoro promotional clothing. According to the Australian Safety Standards, you can use either orange or yellow.

Furthermore, there are also reflective panels rules that you must follow. For day wear, Class D without reflective fabric can be worn. For night wear, Class N with reflective panels is required. 

If you need whole day coverage, Class D/N is a perfect choice. It has the hi-vis colours and reflective material for an important purpose. This ensures that you are wearing your promotional clothes appropriately.

  • A final word on Promotional Jackets

Having hi-vis promotional jackets is essential for your staff’s safety. Furthermore, it is a great addition to your marketing. Your business can achieve so much with just one item of clothing. Your clients and potential clients will notice you making safety a high priority. Whether your business involves mining, road works, construction, and many other industries, it is a requirement to have these. 

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