Trade Mutt is a social impact workwear brand created by tradies for tradies. Through the sale of our workwear we help to fund, a service that enables those doing it tough to access mental health support for free.

OUR LOOK: TradeMutt’s signature colourful workwear was designed with one goal in mind, to start conversations. Our eye-catching prints come in a variety of colours and styles. They’re not the sort of thing you’d normally see on a worksite. They act as a talking point and a catalyst for connection between people who might not normally engage with each other. Wearing a TradeMutt shirt means you become part of a community.

YNWA: The YNWA on our shirts is an important part of our story. YNWA stands for “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and is a phrase that is synonymous with Liverpool Football Club. However, it is also a tribute to one of our founders best mates who was lost to suicide in 2015. He lived and breathed Liverpool Football Club. It is a reminder for anyone wearing one of these shirts, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

QR CODE: All of our work shirts include an easily accessible QR code on the inside of the pocket to make having the tough conversations easier by providing links to both the TradeMutt and TIACS websites.

This means that by purchasing TradeMutt shirts, you are providing yourself and your team with quick, simple access to free mental health support.