Branded Workwear Pants & Trousers

Workwear pants and trousers provide ease and comfort, allowing workers to perform their day-to-day jobs efficiently. We work with manufacturers and supply industry-specific work pants for use in different professions, allowing each employee to be safe, productive, and work smarter.

Are you always seen from head to toe? Then you need to have suitable workwear pants and trousers that work for whatever type of work or industry you are in. Fast clothing supplies suitable work pants to make sure that you are comfortable yet stylish.

Additionally, work pants and trousers are an important part of your work uniform be it for women or men. Work pants should use durable materials. Most of all, they should have innovative characteristics and should be made using a premium manufacturing process.

Furthermore, these are a few of the built-in features to look out for. They are a must if work pants are designed for durability, years of comfortable wearing, and performance:

  • Heavy-duty stitched main seams with taped seams which helps the pants hold its shape.
  • Strong and sturdy zipper created to hold out against dust, grime, dirt, and continuous use.
  • It has wide, reinforced, and extra belt loops that allows you to carry your work tools.
  • For road crews, builders, and other workers use Hi-Vis work pants with reflective tapes.
  • Strong waterproof work pants for ease and comfort even during extreme weather conditions.
  • Wind-blocking technology provides a warm and cozy atmosphere even during cold situations.
  • Metal rivets for stronger seams on your work pants.
  • Extra stitches are also known as bartacks which makes the seams of the pants stronger.
  • Knee pads for added protection.

How many workwear trousers should I have?

You should own at least two (2) pairs of work-specific workwear pants and trousers. Proper storage and cleaning of your work pants will expand their lifespan. And if you are like other workers whose job requires multi-tasking, then having several styles of your tradie work pants is recommended. It gives you the liberty to work freely as you can wear your work pants as per the work you are going to do.

Different Kinds of Fit

There are three main kinds of fit for your work pants:

  • Classic fit work pants are for average-sized employees.
  • Relaxed fit work pants offer additional areas of seating on the seat and thigh area.
  • Slim fit work pants have a slimmer leg and are more of a modern style. It can also have leg openings that you can fit into your work boots.

Types of Fabrics

The majority of durable and long-lasting workwear pants and trousers are made using denim or cotton duck. These two fabrics are the most durable materials for men’s and women’s tradie workwear. These fabrics are known for their unique style and ruggedness.


  • After repeated wearing and washing, it becomes more comfortable.
  • It is thicker than your typical streetwear or fashion jeans.
  • Choose between flannel-line or fleece for more warmth.

Cotton Duck or Canvas

  • Not prone to snag or tear since it has a smooth surface.
  • Works well during high heat conditions.
  • After repeated wearing and washing, it becomes more comfortable.
  • Excellent wind-blocking features.

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Finally, if you are looking for the perfect pants and trousers that you can use for work, let us help you. Don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Happiness Team, they are excited to help you choose the right work apparel for you. Give us a call on 1300 008 300 or hop on our live chat.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How long does it usually take to receive my orders?

After your order has been dispatched, it usually takes two (2) to three (3) working days depending on your location.